Jewellery Parties

Live in the North Somerset/Bristol area?

Love jewellery?

Have lots of friends who love it too?

Why not host a jewellery party?

You could earn between 25% and 35% discount on the jewellery you buy or donate 15% of the night's takings to your favourite charity!

Bonuses paid for follow-on bookings and 15+ guests

Lesley of Coburg Crafts and Sarah of Mydsomer Studio

will supply the jewellery and the invitations, you supply the venue, the customers, maybe a glass of wine and a few nibbles… and as hostess you get a generous discount on every item you purchase!! Or we can donate 15% of the takings to charity.

Sarah and I often host parties at our own homes - if you'd like an invitation to one of those events rather than hosting your own party, just email.

For more details email me at